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Outdoor media spans all markets domestically and internationally and is the oldest form of advertising and still the most trusted to establish branding and a company's lasting presence.

Outdoor Advertising Center is a nationwide provider of high quality billboards and out of home advertising. We span every major market with an unmatched reach. Billboards, taxi tops, bus wraps, wallscapes. Any outdoor advertising need can be met with our quality service.

Outdoor Advertising Costs

The first and foremost question on our client's minds is the cost of outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising costs are based largely on a few details. What market (Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, etc) are you looking to advertise in? How long are you interested in running your campaign? What media formats (Billboards, Transit Media, Mall Media, etc.) is most applicable for your company? Check out our pricing tab to find out more information but the fastest way to price your specific outdoor advertising order is to call us directly at (866) 985-0718.

Outdoor Advertising Costs

When it comes to advertising Out-Of-Home the market you chose will have a big impact on the cost. Generally speaking the larger the market is and the more opportunity the more the cost will range. There will be a price elevation in the most prestigious areas while there will be areas with less traffic where companies can elevate their image for a much lower cost. In smaller markets where the supply of outdoor can be limited the media cost can be higher based on the demand. On average billboards range from approx. $5k – $15k per 4 weeks.

The duration of any advertising campaign has a direct impact on the cost. Comparing apples to apples, if an advertiser is looking to utilize space for only 4 or 8 weeks that same location will sell for over 20-30% less for durations of 1 year and beyond. When an advertiser ‘Perms’ a Billboard location meaning, 1 year and beyond the rates will always be the most aggressive.

Outdoor is comprised of a vast array of media formats to fit the budget of any advertiser. From Hollywood CA Tall-Wall Spectaculars to door-hangers and targeted zip code advertising the total media cost of your campaign can range greatly. On its most grand scale Outdoor Advertising can run for a million dollars in a couple short minutes of some of the most amazing gravity-defying 3D Building projection experiences to $400 back-lit mall panels to traffic everyday consumers and local. We are here to help identify which media is most appropriate to convey the message you are looking to relay to the marketplace.